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Get to know Ina Johnson Myers
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Ina Johnson Myers, CEO of When She Rise, is a Certified Life Coach, Speaker, Radio Host, and the Author of “Girl, Don’t Play!!! Pray!!!! The Professional Women’s Guide to Identifying His Brokenness.” She is a 24-year retired Combat Veteran with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a survivor of Narcissistic Abuse, and a survivor of MST (Military Sexual Trauma). Ina Johnson Myers is the mother of 3 and grandmother of 6 and raised by a Father and Mother duo of WWII Veterans who served our country in the 1940s.

Her company specializes in Narcissistic abuse awareness, recovery, and victim prevention. She helps women understand the importance of spotting those red flags during the dating phase, the not so obvious narcissistic personality disorder traits and mannerisms to recognize and avoid, the Christian approach to dealing with those personality disorder traits, and the journey to their healing from those toxic relationships. Because of her own experiences with toxic relationships and the pains of depression, suicidal thoughts, and humiliation she endured as the result, she advocates helping other women be cognizant of who they allow to sit at their table and not ignore the red flags they see and hear in their search for that perfect partner. As a Certified Life Coach, she helps women move through their pain of betrayal and emotional trauma caused by the devastatingly toxic relationships that have impeded their life and career growth, (due to the limiting beliefs they’ve developed) get to their healing journey.

Having come from a military family, I was exposed to the military mindset at a young age. Both of my parents who were WWII Veterans and my oldest sister all served our great country. My mother was a 4’11 powerhouse of a military woman, she was a WAC and very proud of her tours of military service. She too was about breaking barriers. In the 1940’s there were not a lot of women volunteering to serve our country because society told them, that wasn’t a woman’s place. That box society put those women in was not strong enough to contain the determination my mother had to serve her country. Going against her family’s objections as well as my father’s family, she enlisted.

After she enlisted, she found out she was going to out ranked my father (because she had college), which I am sure made her enlistment even sweeter. So, growing up in a family of service, there was really no surprise when I joined the military myself. My own military career stretched over a 24 year span, and as a Combat Veteran I retired in 2006 having honorably served our country in multiple Conflicts. Throughout my military career, I either traveled to or lived on five of the seven continents. As a Senior Enlisted Soldier not only was it my duty to serve our country, but it was my duty to serve the troops which included many women under my charge. That could mean everything from helping them get housing to making sure they get paid or from making sure they met their physical fitness standards to ensuring their mental and mindset standards we met which included any emotional, relationship or family issues they may have, because a soldier that has unresolved life and family stresses is a liability. You can’t hit a target you can’t focus on. It was my job as a Senior Leader to resolve physical restraints as well as counsel and mentor troops to resolve any mental or emotional restraints that would cause them to be a single point of failure during a mission.

Whether it’s a Conflict or Peacetime their lack of focus can cause someone their life. When a soldier is in an essential personnel career field, their lack of focus can be detrimental to thousands of troops counting on that soldier for their lifeline. As a Senior Leader, it was my job to use the practical tools I had learned to keep them present focused on the mission and not distant focused on situations they can’t change. It was during that time that I gained my understanding that in order for women soldiers to focus on their day-to-day challenges of conflicts and survival they needed to be able to compartmentalize their focus as women, wives, mothers and daughters. As a deployed mother myself, I knew in the back of their minds they always wanted to be focused on home, but it was imperative they understood being present and laser focused, was for their own safety, the success of the mission and the welfare of their fellow troops.

Now I have dedicated my life to helping other professional women push pass their struggles of emotional or mental burdens that are impeding their career growth and hindering them from becoming the powerful laser focused women they were fearfully and wonderfully designed to be. Helping them to transform their pain into the clarity needed for achieving the power to obtain their goals!!!!!!!

“I can be changed by what happens to me. But I refuse to be reduced by it.”
— Maya Angelou

Are You at Risk of Being in a Narcissistic Relationship?

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Psychologists report that over 158 million people in the U.S. are affected by narcissistic abuse and over 450 million people worldwide. They also report that those numbers only account for a portion of narcissistic abuse victims, it doesn’t account for the narcissistic parents who raise narcissistic children, and the generations of those narcissistic children. The mental and emotional devastation caused by narcissistic abuse is a very insidious form of abuse that will also affect your children and grandchildren.

I help women understand the difference between healthy and narcissistic love and relationships, spotting those red flags during the dating phase, some not so obvious narcissistic personality disorder traits to recognize and avoid, the Christian approach to dealing with those personality disorder traits, and the journey to your healing from those toxic relationships, giving you the tools to get laser-focused and girded for those Spiritual Battles that are happening in your life, your home, and your churches. It’s about bringing awareness to you through God’s word, education, encouragement, engaging you in a global support system, and offering empowerment through practical knowledge and tools to help mitigate some of the confusion and anxiety you may be experiencing while trying to maintain a committed relationship.

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